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Beyond dissatisfied with the services I received from Clay Cooley Volkswagen dealership in Richardson Texas. I was assisted by a salesperson by the name of Tracy who was simply just doing his job and assisted me with a vehicle.

I was interested in a 2014 Infiniti Q50 premium which they had the net sale price at $24,673.01 with 24,000 miles and $3,000.00 down. They sent my application up and I provided them the down payment as well as proof of income and everything else that goes with the “buying a vehicle” process. I got approved by Santander. I gave them $2,000.00 down and provided them the last $1,000.00 the next day.

Now when I gave them the final $1,000.00 I was told by 3 other associates in the business office that I can leave with my vehicle. I signed all the documents within my contract. I was never provided a copy of my contract nor did they let me leave with the vehicle. Jeffrey Manning who stated he was the “finance manager” said they couldn’t give me the vehicle even though I paid them and got approved because they had to wait for the bank to fund them their money for the car.

Days went by and the dealership kept saying they were waiting for employment verification. Mind you they already Stated that they verified my employment. I provided them W2s and pay stubs. The next day I called the finance company which they didn’t want to provide the phone number to me , and asked what was the hold up.

The finance company stated the dealership had my vehicle mileage wrong and listed it at a higher value which it was only worth $19,000.00 it had 56,000 miles. So of course I had to go back in and sign the new contract. When I went in to sign the new contract I specifically asked Jeff why did I need to come back in (at this time I already knew why but I just wanted to see if he would be honest) Jeff stated “ Looks like the loan company is on your side and decided to lower your monthly payments like you wanted” I told him the information I was given about the mileage and his response was “ Well if you knew why did you ask” At that point I realized how unprofessional they were. The loan company received my contract 2days later which would be today I called the loan company and asked if they received my updated contract the agent stated they have received it but it looks like my credit app wasn’t dated, the extended warranty had to be updated and the dealership sent my income up to the high risk team.

At this point I was upset because 1 they should of looked over all the documents within the contract before it got sent to the loan department 2 I provided them everything they needed for my income even my managers number. I’m an independent Catastrophe Adjuster so for those who are familiar with that and our income you know we make BIG MONEY just seems like the finance team wasn’t believing what I made so I was being interrogated and belittled the whole time just because of my income. The finance manager Tray Taylor was also beyond disrespectful and did not handle the situation any better he also called and asked me multiple questions regarding my income I explained to him I have provided that all to the loan company he stated” Well your income is not adding up there’s too much confusion but I will just let the loan department handle you” After that conversation with him I called back and just told him to cancel everything and give me my money back. As I was trying to express my issue with him he engines to talk over and told me to come get my money.

My uncle and myself went up to the dealership and I told them the card I used for the first $2,000.00 I closed the account after their payment was finalized so they would have to fund me a different way they kept insisting to put it on that card I told the, that’s impossible cause I won’t receive it then as we were discussing that Jeff Manning shouted out “ Oh yea we have you recorded impersonating a KIM from Santander stating you are suppose to have your contract and to give me the vehicle” he also stated that they have called law enforcement who would be appearing shortly. right then and there I knew they were doing fishy business. I told him he was lying because I never called impersonating anyone and I also told him I would wait for the law enforcement he said ok. As I waited time was going past I just decided to call the police myself because at this point they were slandering my character.

The officers arrived 5mins later and as I was speaking to the officer we came to the conclusion the management in finance at clay Cooley Richardson location was lying about even calling the police so now I’m asking where’s the recording. The officers were beyond helpful and on my side the entire time and even offered me a ride home. All I wanted was a vehicle I had everything they needed and still have not received my $3,000.00. Everyone was telling me not to deal with this dealership but I gave them a chance and they *** me over completely.

They are beyond unprofessional and disrespectful. Below is the end of an argument that was taking place between the finance manager tray taylor and my uncle who was simply trying to calm the matter down as he stated but Tray was again unprofessional and disrespectful even with potential customers around how sad

Review about: Clay Cooley Volkswagen Of Richardson Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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If you make "BIG MONEY" , why did you have to finance a measly $19,000- $25,000 on a used car through a sketchy finance company ?

to Disney #1440442

I’m new to the “buying a car” process Me choosing to go through a finance company was my choice whether I make “big money” or not obviously. Still have other priorities. It wasnt the Finance company that was sketcy it was the dealership if you read the message.

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